Saturday, May 7, 2011


Did ya'll have any fabulous garage sale finds today?

I went out to just a few and found a couple tops for lil chick and that's about it. Darn it!

I was really in the mood the "funk some junk" today! 

Guess I'll just have to save my garage sale mad money for next week!


email to send in your garage sale finds pictures or leave a comment to share with us your finds!

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  1. Sadly, NO! I took DD to the high school at 7:30 to take the SAT then crossed town to the main flea market. I bought *one* item (a book about organization) for 75 cents. Too bad I wasn't looking for a (fake) leather purse or baby clothes. I saw tons and tons of those!

    On the other hand, I did spend some money that my Mom gave me "just because". I went to Cato and found a white skirt that can be dressed up or down, plus several cute tops to go with it. :o) Now, I just need to find some cute, comfortable WHITE sandals. And the out-of-stock skirt that goes with the fab dress blouse I bought. We go to church in another town, so I will check the Cato in that town and/or online.

  2. Sounds like you did great @ Catos!

    My friend's mom bought a $560 bedspread set for $20 @ a garage sale over the weekend! First I thought who spends that much on a comforter set! Then I thought WOW what a steal!



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