COUPON ORGANIZATION! (and no not a binder!)

So you've bought your Sunday papers...NOW WHAT?

Organization is the key! Believe me it will save you time, frustration and space.

There are many types of coupon "holders" from accordion style, envelopes, binders, boxes etc. I have tried all these ways and always come back to the accordion file folders. You can get one for about $3 at Walmart.

I know you hear many couponers talk about using binders and clipping and sorting coupons. WHY? Well I guess some people like walking through the store with a massive binder and sorting through coupons in the busy isles in the store and saying "Excuse me" like 100 times because your in someone's way. Well not chicks dig coupons I give you the shopping lists, coupons needed and which date & coupon insert they are in. 

So all you have to do in place that Sunday's inserts into your file and mark the date with a Post It (I have a thing with Post Its...kinda love them!). 

Easy, breezy! Coupons are all in one place, not scattered all over the table. 

1. Print your shopping lists.
2. Pull inserts and quickly clip the coupons you need.
3. Put coupons into a small wallet size  labeled according to store coupon holder ($1 @ Dollar Tree). 
4. Always keep your printed store coupon policies in the wallet coupon binder.
5. Place inserts back in the file according to date.

Now your ready to go shopping!

Organizing this way keeps you on budget. Your not tempted to buy just because you have a coupon. Also who has the time to spend 2-3 hours in a store searching for coupons, especially if you have little ones!

Lastly...HAVE FUN! Couponing should not be a chore, it should be liberating when you realize that YOU are in control, YOU are helping your family save the "bottom line", YOU are able to give more and YOU are able to free up money for more of the things that you want to do. Maybe a pedicure, movie night, date night etc. 

Hope this helps make couponing a bit easier!

Any questions, helpful hints, success stories, etc email me @

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