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Chicks Dig Coupons Answers Questions
  • How much time do you spend couponing a week?   
On average 1 hour to cut out and organize all coupons in binder, 1 hour to match sales to coupons and make out my list, 1-2 hours grocery shopping.
  • Do you only buy processed foods?
NO NO NO! Our youngest daughter has to eat gluten free so I buy a lot of fresh veggies and fruits weekly. I also plan a menu and try to stick with it. We rarely eat out. My hubby is a meat and potatoes kinda guy and likes homemade food. In saying that, I am able to save so much money on hygiene and toiletries, cosmetics, etc that with my $80 weekly budget we eat well.
  • How often do you shop?
Usually 1 time per week. I don’t make several trips to the store to get good deals. I am not going to burn up $5 in gas to get a free chapstick. LOL
  • Do you price match?
YES! I love to go to Wal Mart and price match the produce picks @ Aldi’s! I SAVE a ton this way!
  • Have you ever had a bad experience with a cashier?
Answer: Ummm yeah. Actually in the beginning I found that I was anxious and nervous and to be honest had no idea what I was doing. I think I caused the frustration. But yes I have had a few not so friendly cashiers and you know what you just smile and tell them to have a great day! Don’t be rude but stand up for yourself and know what your doing, be organized, have that store coupon and price matching policy and be calm if issues arise.
  • Are you overwhelmed trying to get all the good deals everywhere?
In the beginning I would be upset with myself if I missed the free Crest toothpaste at Walgreens but now if I miss a deal I miss a deal, no biggie. There will ALWAYS be another deal. 
  • Do you stockpile?
Yes. I stockpile enough to get us through for a few months. But since I am a big believer in giving I usually stockpile enough to keep the pantry and linen closet full and the rest in given away. 

Please email with any questions you might have!
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