Coupon Basics!

Coupon Basics
  • Manufacturer Coupons are found in the Sunday newspaper, online printables (ex:,,, or the products website.

  • Store Coupons are found at, at various drug stores like Walgreens weekly ad.

  • You may use only 1 coupon per item. 

  • You can use coupons on sale and clearance items. 

  • Be sure to read the coupon making sure you are buying the correct item, there are usually size restrictions. Don’t go by the picture. The picture is usually what the manufacturer is wanting you to buy. We LOVE when a coupon reads “ANY” item because then a $1 off coupon can mean a free travel size of that item!

  • At Target and Walgreens you STACK (use together) a manufacturers and store coupon on the SAME item for even better savings!

  • You can PRICE MATCH and USE A COUPON on the item price matched!

  • READ how to organize your coupons in COUPON ORGANIZATION!

  • DO NOT COPY COUPONS! Also if you come across fraudulent coupons...DO NOT use them. 

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