Coupon Lingo!

RR: Register Rewards - Walgreens "reward" coupons that print when you buy sleeted items. 
SS: Smart Source - Found in Sunday Newspaper.
V: Valassis - Found in Sunday Newspaper.
RP: Redplum - Found in Sunday Newspaper.
P&G: Proctor & Gamble - Found in Sunday Newspaper.
Stacking: when you combine a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon or sale for the most savings
BOGO or B1G1:  Buy One Get One Free.
OOP: Out of Pocket.
FAR: Free After Rebate.
Blinkie: Coupon found in grocery store isles that you pull out of a small machine.
Peelie: Coupon that is like a sticker on a product.
Catalina: Coupon that prints with your receipt at Target and Schnucks. 
Overage: Coupon is more than item bought.
Filler: Item needed so that you can use coupons for the best savings.
Qs: Coupons.
YMMV: Your Mileage or Your Management May Vary.
WYB: When you buy.
MIR: Mail in Rebate.

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