Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Tip - "CLUTTER"

“Tuesday Tip”

Oh I said it! That dirty little word..."clutter"! 

So I have started asking myself some questions when it comes to our home. But first let me tell you a little bit about our home. We live in a 900 square foot home with a basement. (I know little right? We say "cozy"..LOL) We have 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, eat in kitchen and living room. I bet your wondering who lives here? Husband, me, 2 daughters and 2 labs (outside dogs). While I don't pretend to tell you I have it all together when it comes to keeping up the house I do try and one thing that totally helps me is when I let go of the clutter. Because if we are being totally honest I am domestically challenged. I will find other things to do besides cleaning. But alas I am a busy at home momma so the cleaning is something that's part of the job. But what I do find is that "less is less" and "more is more". The less I have the less cleaning and vice versa the more I have the more I have to clean. So here are a few helpful hints to let get rid of the clutter and in doing that make your home and you a little happier!

1. I don't like to dust so if I don't keep those little knick knacks everywhere I don't have to spend much time dusting...freeing up my time to do other things.
2. I like my itty bitty house and I don't want to be stressed because it packed full so become UNsentimental about things in your home so that you can easily get rid of them. Even if it was a gift if you can't or don't use it then donate it to someone who can get some use from it. Believe me no one will remember...I can't even remember what I bought lil chicks last year for Christmas! 
3. Keep a box labeled "donate" by your door and as you find things that you aren't using then toss them in and when it fills up take it to a donation drop off. And just think that's one whole box of STUFF not cluttering up your home. 
4. Ask yourself what makes you HAPPY? If having that rooster salt and pepper shaker makes you happy then keep it. But if you have 5 different kinds of salt and pepper sets pick out one that you really like and let the rest go.
5. As yourself does your home reflect you and your family? About 4 years ago I was so fed up with having yard sale finds, hand me downs etc...that I literally took everything off the walls and said if I can't have what I want I would rather not have anything! I know a bit dramatic and yes my walls sat empty for a long time but it did encourage me to find our style and surprisingly enough I found it by garage sales and re-doing things I found. 

Our home is a constant work in progress and it will get there someday but by just cleaning out the clutter we have more space, our family is happier, we spend less time looking for things, I spend less time cleaning, and we've really began to understand that having less means having more as a family.

Once again, I just want to say I am in no way an expert just wanted to share with you about my decluttering adventure. 

I wish I had a picture of my kitchen before I will try to find one. But here is how it looks today. Notice I haven't done dishes today! LOL I guess I'm just trying to say how much getting rid of the clutter has helped me especially in a very small house.

Leave a comment or email me if you wanna share a helpful hint!


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  1. Thanks for the great tips. I like your style and it's really hard to believe that four people live there! It's immaculate! Call me inspired!
    Amber B

  2. Well Amber there's a reason there are NO closeups! LOL We still have painting touch ups to do and my kitchen cabinets forever have crap on them. Seriously though keeping my counters cleared off totally helps. Have a fab day and I'm happy your part of chicks dig coupons!!! Thanks for the compliment you made my day! And I can have it in writing that someone thought my house was clean! LOL


  3. I think you have hit the nail on the head - to cut out the clutter, you have to unsentimentalize things you will never use! I really need to declutter my kitchen and I want to take the Hemingway approach: less is more!

    I'm actually a new follower from Totally Tuesday's blog hop. I hope you can stop by soon and visit me at Making Ends Meet.

  4. Hi there! Thanks for coming by! I love company and comments! :)

    I am stopping by right now!



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