Monday, May 2, 2011


Sometimes it can seem so overwhelming when you first begin your journey into coupons savings and trying to live more frugal. So every Monday there will be a challenge to do to take those baby steps to get control of your money. This is also to hold myself accountable in some things that I do that I need to cut out of my daily life. Things that I may spend money on when it's really not necessary to do so, it's really just a habit. But if we can make these little changes think of how much money we can save and put toward paying off debt, taking a family vacation or just simply being less stressed about bills.

This weeks challenge is:

Do not stop and buy drinks at the gas station, fast food etc. 

Instead bring a bottle of water or a travel cup filled with your fav drink! 

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever!"

(this will be hard for me since I love my $1 McDonalds diet cokes!)

What are your thoughts on "Make A Change Monday?"

Leave a comment if you are participating!

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  1. Thanks for reminders and challenges! Love this idea!

  2. It definitely will help me be more 2 and still not stopped to buy a drink! :)



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