Thursday, April 28, 2011


At chicks dig coupons it's not just about Jamie and I, it's about you, our fabulous friends!

So we wanna showcase you!

If you have a "Thrifty Thursday Recipe" you wanna share, email a picture and the recipe and we'll post it. 

If you get some "Mailbox Love" then snap a picture and email it!

Wanna join us for "Show Off Saturday"? Then email a picture of whatever you wanna show off...your stockpile, your cutie pa tootie kids, your fabulous savings, your dog, the smokin' hot guy that mows your lawn (in my case my hubby!) 

Got a "Tuesday Tip" email it to us!

Got a great "Make It Monday" project? it!

Honestly Jamie and I want this to be a fun place, not just coupons and freebies (although we like those very much) but a sweet escape from the day! We want everyone to be a part of chicks dig coupons and know that we appreciate you! And I know we have the BEST EVER chicks around!

So email us!

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