Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If your like a busy mom & wanna cut out some of the morning chaos then try these little tricks...
this is what I do with our lil chick to make the morning madness a little calmer.

I love reminders! 
So these little reminders help lil chick stay on task!
(this is in our bathroom above the sink)

(this is above her dresser)

Make a morning routine and stick to it!

Set the timer on the microwave. 
5 minutes for getting dressed
15 minutes for eating
5 minutes washing hands, face, & teeth

I also decide what breakfast is for the week. 
If it's cereal and fruit then I make up rubbermaid bowls with cereal & sugar for the week. Then all I have to do is pour the milk.

Pick out clothes for the week.
Put into a basket so you're not rushing every morning trying to figure out what he/she is going to wear.

There are so many tips and tricks and if you have one please share it with us!

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