Monday, April 11, 2011

thank you!

I just want to say thank you so much for being a part of chicks dig coupons!

Unfortunately I am involved in other projects and cannot devote the time it takes to keep a blog running. (Around 5-8 hours a day!) 

So it was SUPER fun to have the blog and meet all of you and I wish you all tons of saving success!!!


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  1. Jamie K. in St. Clair, MOApril 11, 2011 at 5:17 PM

    I'm so sad! I loved being able to follow someone that was used to Schnucks doubling coupons, and also someone that actually went to the stores out here! Good luck!

  2. Hi Jamie! I'm sorry I just am too involved in some other projects to dedicate the time. I actually grew up in st. clair! If you ever wanna go coupon shopping just email me Did you graduate from st. clair?

  3. This is such sad news! I hope you know how much I appreciate all the work you put into all your posts. However, I completely understand why you have to put this on the back burner, as I'm sure you're extremely busy with your family and other things.
    Your site was always so refreshing and fun, which I'm sure is a reflection of your personality.

    I do have a quick question that is not related to this post. When you made your lip balm, which section of Micheal's did you find the containers? I've looked all over all the hobby shops in my area (Wildwood), but with no luck.

    Anyway, I'm really going to miss your site. Good luck to you and thanks again!

  4. Thank you for all your hard work and thought that went into your blog! I really appreciate everything you did! You are so creative! Good luck and thanks again!

  5. Hi Amber! The tins were in the bead section on the bottom shelf. They actually came in a silver tin box and when you open it there were 12 round tins. :)

  6. thanks irene! I wish I just had more time. Our lil chick has Down Syndrome and with her therapy and running a parent support group and having been very involved with a few charity events that keep me busy too I just don't feel like I can compete with the bigger blogs that have help since it was just me trying to do it there are just not enough hours in the day... I have toyed with the idea of just doing "make it monday" inspired things and that would not take up near as much time so you never know with all my fabulous garage sale finds you may see me blogging about my "re-dos!"...But I honestly appreciate all of you being so supportive and I'm really sorry I could not keep it going! I will miss our "eye candy" of the day and just talking on Facebook! It was a sweet escape! LOL

  7. Say it isn't so!!! I will miss you so much! I hope you will be able to keep some sort of feature going, or maybe a personal blog. I did wonder how you were able to keep up. I could tell you were posting a lot! Will you leave the site up, or do you plan to take it down?

    I wish I could offer to help out, but I am already so busy with my own blog. I used to have TWO (one similar to yours and one for homeschooling). It was too much, so I put them together and focused more on homeschooling, which isn't such a busy "niche" in the frugal arena.

    God bless you and lil chick!


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