Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am a total magazine junkie from the cheesy gossip to decorating magazines!

With that being said sometimes you can have WAY to many lying around. 
Ask yourself: Do I need the WHOLE magazine once I've read it? 
(Probably not since odds are you may only really have liked a couple recipes, a how to, or maybe a little decor inspiration on page 145.)

My solution to magazine overload is simple!

As your reading your magazines "dog ear" the pages you really liked and want to keep.
Then rip them out and put them in a folder to look at later.
And as you pull them out later you will probably find you don't really need all the tear outs too!

So this is Tuesdays Tip (one day late!)

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  1. I do the same thing - I'm not crazy!!!! Thanks for this tip!

  2. We're too much alike! I put my clippings in file folders! Do you know that you can sell used magazines at Half Price Books?


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