Tuesday, March 29, 2011



I guess they reached their limit! 

Sorry chicks & guys! 

Head over HERE and order a FREE Pack of Zero Friction Golf Balls and Golf Tees!
You will need to enter code: BZZAGNT at checkout to receive these for free and free shipping!
Once you enter the code it will remove the credit card info from the screen and you just finish the checkout and get your conformation code. 
*This is for buzz agents but it's worth a shot! Mine went through just fine. 

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  1. You have got to be kidding me.... "This one is for the guys?" GUYS??!?? Not sure if you realize this but there is an LPGA? There was title IX that was passed decades ago and MANY MANY WOMEN enjoy the sport of golf in their leisure time as well as on many levels competitively!!!!!

    Very offensive way to put a great deal out there! Kind of like saying these tortilla chips are great for the Chicana in your life... Or this hair straightener is for all the black folk you know... Or how about this scarf for all the burka-wearing women in your life... Or these candles for the shabbat observer.

    If you're offended by those maybe you should take a look at the light (darkness) you put women into.

  2. Thanks for your comment "Anonymous"! Since chicks dig coupons primarily has women looking for fabulous deals I don't always come across the same fabulous deals for the guys. I DO know that women play golf since I myself have played. I am in no way being disrespectful to women. I simply posted this as a freebie that the guys might like. And if you look over my blog this is a fun positive place for people to come and get great deals and I am sorry that you feel I am discriminating because that is not the case.

  3. Which product do we pick it brings up a page wth different packages to choose and they all look like tees. Seriously previous post its free who cares if she put for the guys....lay off the coffee and appreciate the work she does by finding and giving us the links to great deals, geeze some people :P
    Like she posted before lets keep it positive and sassy :)

    Much thanks- Lauren Kulcak
    P.S. Thank you so much for the help with my site on Facebook!

  4. Hi Lauren it looks like they changed the link and cancelled the code. Sorry it was worth a shot. Probably reached their limit! Boy oh boy do these things go quick! :)

    and your welcome!



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