Friday, March 25, 2011


While I am not carrying Mary Poppin's infamous carpet bag I do carry a tote and it seems to be bottomless. If your a momma you know that the cutie little purses that only hold a lipstick, cell and credit card are pointless for everyday use. I remember thinking that once we get past the diaper bag stage I will be able to go back to carrying a cute little trendy bag. Oh naivety is bliss!

But now that day is still not here. Why? Because moms have to be prepared at all times. And that is why this next picture shows what I have in my "hag bag" as I lovingly call her.

And this is me "prepared"!
And I will try to explain why I need all this stuff! :)

  • BARBIE: Just incase lil chick forgot hers...she brings them everywhere!
  • SPOON: Ummm...get back to you on that one but I'm sure I have a good reason.
  • VICKS COUGH DROPS: Because I was going to a meeting and couldn't find the other 2 packs of gum I had so I threw in a box of Cough Drops for makeshift breathmints. Strange people asked me if I had a cold?
  • NIVEA LIP BALM: A chick needs moisturized lips!
  • TOOTHPASTE: Ummm...get back to you on that one too!
  • ZHU ZHU PET: Lil chick got tired of carrying it @ Walmart about a month ago and so she found her home in the hag bag!
  • HEART STRAW: Lil chick wanted to use it as a magic wand then got "tired" of carrying it.
  • MY PRETTY PONY: Lil chick won that at school and it made it from her hand to show to to the hag bag.
  • NAIL POLISH: Did my nails one day while waiting at the drive-through at the bank. Yes ma'am I am a multitasker!
  • WALLET: Well that's easy because I need it!
  • PINK PONYTAIL: Just because it's good to have an extra!
  • FLASH DRIVE: Oh I know pics to upload @ Walgreens!
  • COACH CHANGE PURSE: Not sure since the change is in the bottom of the hag bag.
  • ORBIT GUM: Because I am a gum chewer!
  • SCISSORS: Well because I am a coupon chick and may need to do a little last minute clipping in the parking lot at Walgreens! LOL
  • NOTEBOOKS: I love to make lists! I make lists on what lists I will make!
  • SALE PAPERS: Those I could defend why they are in there except some are from a few weeks ago.
  • LYSOL: You just never know when you might come across something that needs a little germ killing.
  • CALCULATOR: Because unfortunately I cannot figure prices in my head.
  • BRUSH/COMB: To go with the ponytail I might need.
  • POLKA DOTTED PLANNER: This little baby is my lifeline without her I'm lost.
  • HANNAH MONTANA STICKERS: I have a lil chick that believes she is Hannah so she insists we say "Good Night Hannah" before she goes to bed every night.
Well this is a little insight into my bag. If you carry a cutie pa tootie trendy bag and have kids don't tell me because I would prefer to believe that all moms are just like me and carry a bottomless hag bag!

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