Monday, March 21, 2011



Herbs can be so pricey at the store so by putting a few pots in your kitchen you can not only have fresh organic herbs at your finger tips that saves you a bundle but you are adding super cute decor to your kitchen and the smell is just amazing!

I bought these clay pots @ Michaels for around $0.80 each. The plants were a bit pricey @ $3.33 each. But believe me well worth it! I will save 20 times that much by having these little babies in my kitchen.

I sprayed the clay pots black since my kitchen is done in black and then used a paint marker from Christmas to label each pot.

So for under $15 you have fresh herbs, cute decor, amazing fragrance and I think this was a fabulous "MaKe It MoNdAy!" 

Do you grow your own herbs?

Have any helpful tips?

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