Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is just a fun post about a few of my favorite things I have found at garage sales and redone or made...enjoy!

And yes you will find that my favorite color is black! LOL

Lima bean wreath I made last year in my kitchen!
(I will be doing a "MaKe It MoNdAy!" tutorial soon!)

Headboard I bought for 3 bucks at a garage sale for lil chick's room. 
Sanded and painted it black of course!

Lamp I bought for $2 at a garage sale for lil chick's room. Shade was white and dingy so only one thing to do...
spray it black! LOL

Brand new, still in the package valance for lil chick's room bought from a garage sale for 25 cents!

A little Marilyn Monroe quote I LOVE! My sister got this for lil chick's room on clearance for $5!

Frame I bought and painted from a garage sale for 25 cents. I still need to add the backing and the black poodle cutout.

An old tub I found for $3 at a garage sale and made into a planter!
Looks cute on my kitchen table!
(surprise! I didn't paint it! But look at the mirror behind it ...it was tan and I painted it black! hee hee)

This is my motto and it hangs above my kitchen sink!
Found it at Garden Ridge a few years ago on clearance!

So this was just a glimpse into my house and some things I love!

I love garage sales and am SO ready for them to begin!!!

What do you love in your house?

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  1. Thanks Amber! I think everything I have is from a garage sale but it works for me! LOL

  2. I love garage sales. My 9 year old son even likes them if they have something for him. Maybe they will start up in a week or so with all the nice weather we have been having where I live.


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