Thursday, March 10, 2011

I was inspired while waiting on spring!

I have many addictions...gossip magazines, coffee, reese's minis, the engagement section of the local newspaper, diy blogs,  and of course coupons!!!

So today while I was looking outside at all the nasty dreary weather here in Missouri I was thinking of an easy "how to" I saw the other day on a diy blog. Well to be honest I'm not the most patient person and while her tutorial was very easy I decided to for go a few more steps in simplify it more and woo-lah a new spring wreath for my bathroom window! (I know you're wondering why your did not go in my kitchen and my bathroom is a tiffany blue so it was perfect in there!)

This is the finished wreath!

Old material I picked up for a $0.25 at a yardsale that is springy.
(Seriously she had a whole tote for $0.25!)
Straw wreath from Michaels for a few bucks.
Straight pins with a yellow ball on the end. 
(the only ones I had)
Next just cut or rip material into 1/2 inch strips. 
No need to measure, just eye ball it.

I forgot to take a picture of putting on the strips but honestly it is so easy. 
Just fold each strip in half and wrap it around the wreath, then pin.
Now do the next strip overlapping so you can't see the straw wreath.

Now for the "flowers".
Like I said I am not patient so I just folded the material in fourths then cut around the edge and when unfolded it's a circle...well kind off.

Then after I cut out a white piece of material slightly smaller I folded across.
Then I folded the other way to create a kind of flower look.

Then with a little circle cut out I put my strait pin through to hold it and stuck in into the wreath.
And here she is again!
This took me about 35 min. TOTAL to do!
And while I know it's not perfect,
I think it's perfectly cute in my bathroom window!
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  1. How cute!
    I made a wreath too! But I'm envying yours now :D

  2. Super-cute! I love the shape of your wreath - for some reason, mine just never looked pretty and full like this... I'm jealous! : )


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